Global Warm-my-ass

*grunt* Brrrr…!  Ah! *grunt*

As I’m typing this, I’m crossing my fingers (figuratively) that the power doesn’t go out.  Major winds may knock out the electrical power— knocking down tree branches (or even trees) onto power lines, cutting the supply of electrical alternating current powering the computer, the heater, the everything in modern times.  And freezing rain before that.

Thick  Window  Frost  Frame— Go!

So what else I’m expected to believe but that the worst of the weather, recent or not is caused by Global Warming.  I’m sorry, I’m not much of a believer (or a Belieber, who may be in trouble with the law now).  I’m too entrenched in other things.  I admit that I’m no meteorologist, and that I don’t have any degrees or placards.  But at least I understand a thing or two about chemistry and weather science, and how they play into things.

I know that it takes at least one person to try and figure things out, despite popular opinion, and not simply believe whatever surrogates tell you.  That’s the true nature of science: a practice of discovery and logic, not believe what you read— to not put 100% of your trust into strangers, people you don’t have an actual relationship with.

Today, it has gotten better in some areas, and worse in others.  If you trust the poll numbers (and you really shouldn’t; they’re always unverified, too thin in sampling and thereby compensated with “fudge factors” of some kind), most Americans put the issue of climate change at about the bottom of the list.  Notice that I said climate change, and not Global Warming.

Just noting the inseparability of those two terms, climate change and Global Warming, indicates an object of intangibility, a problem in the lexicon, where there is more effort kicking a can down the road than there is… I don’t know, people actually figuring things out for themselves.

An Entertainment-Minded Reality

How, ‘unusual’ a polar vortex or two explains everything away…

Leave it up to the normalcy bias for people to act on expectations of popularity rather than self-discovery or plain-spoken truth.  It is the very fact that the plain truth isn’t entertaining that the those that reduce their efforts to name-calling are among the people that stick out!

When the interpretation, even the whole story changes every time questions get asked, that whatever happened must fit a narrative based in ideology or politics, you know you’re dealing with a popularity contest, a power in numbers, however those numbers here are in people, not scientific data.

One red herring after another, “I’m right and you’re wrong,” without any hard proof.  That those expressing their beliefs should be childishly offended, and for some, have the nerve to call their opposition “Holocaust deniers.”  (Too bad there aren’t any survivors of the actual WWII Holocaust anymore to be offended back, God rest their souls.)

One Man’s Confusion is Another Man’s Confusion

Leave it up to the “no time to think” and dismissive people to express so much… but inevitably understand so little.  Leave it up to the professors of political science to show how much political science is about getting away with lying to the public.  Leave it up to Jon Stewart to be offended by Monday over how the media have questioned Global Warming due to the winter wonderland destruction over the last week, the record cold temperatures, that, in part, have left my fingers painfully cold in-doors.

And leave it up to me to get “sciencey” on you again.

Does any of this recent weather really say anything about the “temperature of the planet?”  (Or how Al Gore puts it, how “the Earth has a temperature.”)  The correct answer: noGlobal Warming is an over-generalized theory of rising global averages, where the results of different studies are in conflict with each other, where only few institutions have say anyway, where many sites of measuring temperatures are contaminated, where yet more “fudge factors” and alterations to real equations have to be added because the satellites can’t individually map out the surface of the earth or the atmosphere in three dimensions.  (The mappings have to be combined using the data of multiple satellites.)

And once you start altering equations, you’re boned.  Science-wise.  There were more than enough “fudge factors” expressed in the leaked e-mails of years ago to cause concern that maybe, just maybe, Global Warming is more of a political science than… actual science.

But leave it up to said over-generalized, overarching noun, one supposed to be bigger than man and yet it’s man’s fault, whatever it is.  And dare say, for some, as big as God.  Oh, yes, as big as the big man upstairs, because how dare you question the existence of Global Warming!!!


As I have attempted to discuss this matter before (in 2012), that all of what is happening, on a global scale, is way too complicated for the average person to throw around (and yet people in popular discussion do), and that the planet usually compensates for whatever we upright Earth-ants throw at it…

What am I kidding, there is no discussion here— no one chimes in!  Zero response —Zero!

[rant deleted (because I can)]

Happy belated New Year, 2014!

And according to “researchers,” some of you may have already commit suicide as they say January 6th is “the most depressing day of the year.”


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