America: We’re #1!

#1 !

America’s number one!
… in heart disease.

Here, heart disease causes more deaths a year than all cancers combined.
… I repeat: more than all cancers combined.

But it has little to do with weight, the “obesity epidemic,” per se.
Overall, it less to do with exercise, and more to do with bad diet.
Specifically, the acid content of the food… the American diet.
(What— ’you think you’re not gonna look like junk, eating junk?)

(Important Note: consult your doctor before making any radical changes to your diet.  People with acidic body types may actually get sicker switching to alkaline food; some people may actually need to eat foods like animal meat, as I’ve learned.)

Acids: Positive Ions… are not positive for the blood

Arterial clots: chelated acids.  Cancer: acidic.
All normal types of sickness revolve around acids, the proponent of positive ions.
Chemically speaking, the elements are missing electrons.
Which means less energy, and a body less immune to disease.

A typical source: carbohydrates.  When processed, they produce acids.
Carbohydrate use, even use with brain activity, promotes positive ions.

And fructose alone (not just High Fructose Corn Syrup): neurotoxic.
(If it promotes hyperactivity and diarrhea, it’s obviously not good for you.)

Change your diet up by adding these foods.  (No “Health” food.)

Recommended Food Choices

  1. Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale (both high in Vitamin K).
    High in anti-oxidants, minerals, other nutrients.  The greener the better.
    Compare the protein in spinach to that of animal meat… I dare you.
  2. Nuts (unless allergic).
    Nuts, which are technically fruit, are high in mineral content (including Mg and Mn), good fat and fiber.
    Peanuts (legumes) are 1/4 protein in weight.  (Want to tame your appetite?)
    High in monounsaturated fats, the best kind of unsaturated fats.  High in unsaturated means good for the heart & brain.
  3. Olive oil.  (To replace butter/margarine.)  Most of the fat is polyunsaturated.
    Findings show a high life expectancy in the percentage of users.
    Olive oil blocks the calcification that causes arterial blockage.
    Check: it’s not a good olive oil if it freezes over, not stored in a dark bottle.  Also, some oils on the shelf are fake, so watch out.
  4. High-cacao chocolate.  (Aim for over 2/3 (67%) cacao.)
    Features high levels of flavinoids (epicatechin), which have been shown to be beneficial to cardiovascular health.
    Charged: contains some copper and a caffeine-relative.
    Check: mold (fuzz), as the expiration date may be inadequate.
  5. Bell peppers (a.k.a. “stop light” peppers).
    High in Vitamin C (over 150% DV), anti-oxidants, potassium.
    Also carries Vitamin B6, A and some magnesium w. its iron.
    1 green bell pepper: 1 gram protein, and 2g fiber w. its 2.9g sugar.

Other Recommendations

Low sodium?  Why?
Salt is needed for cells to store water (you go into a form of shock without).  But blood pressure is promoted when hydration and potassium levels are low.  The objective is to get enough potassium to balance out the salt, not eliminate it.

A spooonful of sugar doesn’t help the medicine… or anything, really.
Refined sugars destroy the healing powers of food.
They even interfere with healing and spirituality altogether.
Ultimately, sugars are additives; they are not necessary in one’s diet, at all.

Choose raw over concentrate.
Fruit juices contain so much sugar acidity that they can visibly erode tooth enamel.  So not only can you get sick drinking high-sugar juice drinks, you can damage your teeth.  Local acidic environments, usually generated by plaques, cause demineralization.

The reason why onions make you “cry”: they contain trace amounts of sulfur, which in vapor with water produce sulfuric acid.  It’s only enough H2SO4 to irritate your eyes, but the magenta color on the skin of a typical onion is the opposite of green for a reason.

Other Useful pH Facts

The opposite of acids are alkalines, which have a pH above basic (7.0).
The pancreas secretes at a high pH of 8.1.
While “pure” water is regarded as having a pH of 6.81, human blood needs to be above 7.35, or else it is considered to be in a state of acidosis.  The opposite of acidosis is alkalosis (+7.45), typically caused by hyperventilation and prolonged vomiting.  In other words, there are proper and improper ways to reduce acids in the blood…

Alkalinity for the blood, acidic for the skin (pH ~5.5).
Acidic water, while not good for drinking, helps circulation on the surface.
Chemically, it’s the electrons doing what they do by filling the holes on the outside.
By bathing in this water, your skin will look, feel better, and any low-circulation “tingling,” diabetic or otherwise, will be lessened.  Acidic water is, of course, not to be confused with sulfuric acid.

Not just for circulation.
Acid elimination is the final key to wellness.  Exercise & hydration (preferably alkaline) are necessary for eliminating acids through sweat, and…you know…  There’s a reason why urine has a low pH, around 6.0— the body’s getting rid of acids.

The force and source of inspiration: The pH Miracle

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