A Burned-Out Lightbulb Gets Replaced

There’s some good news regarding Marissa Alexander: a state appeals court ruled that she deserved a new trial— not because the mandatory minimum sentencing laws are horrible, but— because the judge failed to properly instruct the jury regarding her claim of self-defense.  As if a judge is supposed to tell a jury what to thi—… never mind.

Now, on to the not-so-great post!


All was uncreative in the night, where the Daily Show takes a page from the past unapologetic, smug leftwinger I was years ago, in complete ignorance of how bad the Affordable Care Act is— I mean, “I could’ve been the writer of that” Health Care/Sugar segment; it’s that bad*…  In other words, it was Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 11:09 p.m.…

Anything worse than the Emmy Awards on Sunday was Jon Stewart overcongratulating the Colbert Report for its eventual win, after several years of the same, old tired shtick.  In other words, another award went to another program most people don’t watch**.

Breaking Bad image
Breaking Bad is always better…
…though its portrayal of addiction is stereotypical***.

Sure, there’s some creative… flak, but it’s mostly taking the media spin, the sound bites, distortions, and running with false narratives in reckless, often confused overgeneralization.  It’s like everything that’s wrong with Daily Show for the whole half hour.  And the writers need to remind us all that they know the circular ratio known as π…

Yes, Stephen is famous for his Snoopy.

But the Report got more attention last night, not only getting Metallica to “rock out with their cocks out”— I mean a band with a lead singer that would (and kind of did) condone the use of their music to break Gitmo detainees.  But also, Andy Levy (RedEye) thought of the Report when it came to clarifying that a statement he made was a joke.

Yeah, I’m one of the few that watched John Oliver, filling in for Stewart, thinking he does a more watchable job than either Stewart or Colbert.

Rest in Peace, John.  Rest in Peace†.

* I am pretty sure I would never be, allowed to or otherwise, a writer for the Daily Show.
** Colbert Report is a satire program that manages to get reasonable ratings… for cable.
*** Experiments using pharmaceutical Methamphetamines show that even hard core addicts choose a twenty dollar bill paid weeks in advance over another “hit.”  Poison, whether in substance or false perception is at the heart of addiction.  It is not known how pure “blue meth” would affect a community.
John Oliver is not dead.  Not that I know of.

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