The Disconnect: Loss of Accountability

It could be your mother losing track of time, or a neighbor saying, “when did this happen?”

No, time doesn’t fly.  You weren’t keeping track of time.  You weren’t being accountable of something.  But that loss of time, “in the moment”— it may not be so important in the grand scheme of things.

However, for big leadership roles, there’s supposed to be… I don’t know, leadership.  It’s different.


Yeah, more corruption in government and crack downs on civilians.
In the name of safety, of course.

Add another massacre, or “tragedy” to use— blame everything under the sun— and of course, blame guns— the tools.  Or, think of personal responsibility— *scoff*.

At the bigger, higher levels of power, or whatever, those that cannot govern (or govern oppressively) in a system out of control are replaced with… you guessed it, more people that govern oppressively.

If we can put the Syrian crisis aside, the admin. calling for war…  The death toll in Egypt closed in on a thousand.  A protester standing in front of a tank was shot down, making the happening worse than Tiananmen Square, if you can recall that.

Attacks on thirty Coptic Christian churches and other institutions in just a few months, and the military just decides to release Hosni Mubarak.  And so, the Brotherhood responded, calling for a ‘Friday of martyrs.’

It’s bad.

But, of course, terrorizing in the name of politics is not reserved to the Middle East.

The U.S. government’s activity is worse than we knew.  They go after Lavabit.  Threaten contempt of court for shutting down.  Encryption oughta be illegal too.

50,000 raids in a year (which computes to over a hundred a day), turning the last resort measure into common practice.  SWAT teams killing your pets: standard procedure.

Cracking down on harmless hippies and overstayed Tibetan monks in the U.S.?  Your tax dollars “at work.”  And don’t think there haven’t been human casualties.  There have.

And so, again, “in the name of safety,” needless death and destruction.

But worse, the media approach becoming a shadow of the Soviet press, where, apart from civilian accounts, you can get nothing of what happened.

Nothing to see here, move along.

From Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story, and…
There is no honor in television, to…
nothing at all.

It’s one thing to keep the Gaza strip ‘the Gaza strip’ (used and poor), with the likes of al Jazeera, others deliberately distorting things.  It’s another to pretend that nothing happened.

Zero reporting on things that ‘could hurt the Obama administration,’ silence in the name of “protecting.”  I’ve heard of “lapdog media,” but this is insane.

And I mean, empty— no responsibility, as surrogates or otherwise.  Oh, and Crossfire (CNN), three propagandists and an atheist.

But I should tell you that it was going to fall apart all along.  And much of what makes this loss in accountability is that something else took over a responsibility role somewhere else.  There’s a balance you might not be seeing… use of the internet has grown to replace much of the crap on television, for one.

Until next time.  Then again, I have no Kevin Spacey-sized brain (House of Cards reference) to give you any depth on explaining all of that.  No audience either…


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