Mutually Disconnected.

(Windows 8 image)
From confusing button icons to no desktop at all.  Fucking Windows 8.

NO use for a user.
In a world less accountable, more “accidental.”
Both simple and complicated, more nonsensical.

Coated in armor and lies.
Heads that spin.  Racked in debt.

“Once upon a time more advanced than now.”
But advanced in decay.
The artificial nightmare.
Where speech is underrated.
Through technology, connected.
…But only with each other.

Public, but really private.
With fewer reflections, and more complications.
With fewer abstractions, and more distractions.

I am awestruck— the stupidity of the culture.
No doubt, I’m jutted but stuck with it.
(Okay, so they edit “Jaywalking” to make every New Yorker look dumb.)

A culture growing.
One that, on the surface, ‘mislearns’ the basics.
And one that finds difficulty with those that have them.
“Traditional,” “old fashioned,” “old-timey,” a dinosaur.
—Of what, ten years ago?

Somehow, I’m described, living a “private life.”
Why, because I don’t make absolutely everything public?
No, it’s because I don’t have the resources to spark a conversation.

I had the email address up for some time, but… nada.
(Not counting Spam.)
So I guess email is “old-timey.”
Add another “follower” that will fade out relatively quickly.

And if not dubbed a dinosaur, then an outcast.
Where opportunism thrives.
Where misunderstandings are exploited.
(Needless to say, I don’t like Curb Your Enthusiasm.)

But in all walks of life one’s beliefs are tested.
But usually not my own…

One unable to speak here must be considered a “loner.”
(With no questions asked of the environment.)
One frustrated must then be called a “spiteful loner.”
(“What a boner.”)

Without resistance, the world can never improve on its own.
As always.
It cuts itself from reality even further.

“Just another brick in the wall,” one must be.
With all the awful expressions to keep you moving in line.
Life hands you lemons, but…

“You can’t live off lemonade!!!”

No matter, they say, “nothing to see here.”
Pieces of evidence the inept government doesn’t want you to see.

And so, less than half the public believe in things that have actually happened.

You may have heard, but never read…

Don’t believe what you read.

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