TV Static: Part Deux

Yes, I’m still breathing.

It’s the 50th anniversary of the civil rights march on Washington, D.C., and tomorrow marks the day that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.

But I know too little of the history so…
More TV watching… working offline… getting little to no sleep.
Oh, there’s no point of me being here anymore.

So I missed the end of the Supernatural run, but caught an episode of the last season on CW… and a WTF? episode at that.  Plus, the introduction of “Bobby” (and redundant themes) lately.

Before the run end, even before the actors could play themselves— but not before “Dr. Sexy,” Mitch P., “Captain Cromedome” (according to “Crowley”) got off the show up against a wall, playing dead for several minutes…

Dead, like part of your right leg.

Random episodes of House (FOX), one of the smartest shows to grace the small screen.
You’ll be floppy, they’ll be fine.  The most memorable line.  Ever.  So memorable that I haven’t heard it for years.

Just as I hadn’t watched Burn Notice for years… a show about to end.
Replaced with Graceland (USA).  A wonderful… undercover place, that Graceland… where you can never really be yourself.

But you can try.

For Louie (FX), working at a shot at life.  Another day, another horrible death right in front of you.  Liz (Parker Posey) dies of cancer.  Spoiler alert.

But you’re stronger for trying.

(And Louie deserves all the awards it gets.  I watched as much as I could of that recent marathon— worth it.)

…For something that doesn’t work for people with small attention spans.

Not quick and to the point, like Suits (USA).  Music during every frickin’ transition.

Or the former Zach Morris getting Franklin & Bashed in the face with a bean bag gun — another “lawyer” show.

Or a pre-Killing Marielle Enos on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Or King & Maxwell (TNT)… …one of the crappiest serials I’ve ever seen.  Conveniently placed characters and situations, the works.


But not as bad as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  A complete madhouse— you just have to change the channel.

“Moving to FXX”— moving to an upper digital channel?  I’m not going to be able to catch The League anymore?

And to see that guy in his underwear again for the umpteenth time— talking, The Bridge, making grilled cheese out of a bad guy’s face with an iron…

Oh, what can I do to alleviate the interference for AMC to watch the final episodes of Breaking Bad?  Nothing.  If you didn’t know, Hank knows.

TCM has gone from star of the month to something of day of the month.  Oh, the young Catherine Deneuve… as a prostitute… to pay for family expenses… unwilling.
Several weeks, several things done, but this is all I’m willing to make public here.  …Willpower doesn’t make so.


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