Treat All Laws Guilty Until…“Okay”

A Necessary Evil

Laws cannot be compassionate.  Laws are, by definition, negative.  They can only hold things back, discourage via fine or imprisonment.

‘It’s noble for government to give millions of Americans health insurance.’
No, it’s not noble, it’s not workable, and it’s not the ‘heart’ of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. “Obama-care.”

Government cannot be charitable.  It’s only charity when the individual gives.

The further away from personal responsibility, the fewer liberties the individual has.  And charity is one of the most sacred and powerful virtues of personal choice.

Discouraging the act of charity par individual, as the U.S. government has started doing by taxing charitable contributions, is evil.

External denial of personal authority over one’s property— that’s called socialism, the instance (not a system) of centralized authority having more say of who owns what (where the individual has less say).

You can’t force unto others what you think is best.

Most laws have only a temporary effect.  The “War on Poverty” caused a dip in the statistics, but we’re worse off than where we started, with people wanting to be in a “low-income bracket,” with perks you might not even know about.

It used to be…

To bring people out of poverty, you must make them uncomfortable in their poverty.

But that’s an incomplete statement.  You must also make sure the charity, the church, the hospital, the helping hand for a hand up— not a hand out— is within reasonable reach.  Ben Franklin built some of the first— if not the first— hospitals in the country.

Or just pave a road to hell, with perks a-plenty.

With corporate powers regulating their competitors out of business, with more and more laws creating more good ol’ boys clubs, some of it’s just good ol’ ass-covering.

Or, good ol’ ass-covering, my friends, as good ol’ John McCain or Lindsey Graham would say.  Right, John McCain, Senator to the #2 kidnapping capital in the world?

The powers that be, often violating the Constitution— it’s only of recent that they’ve moved to justify their actions by pushing turds like the Patriot Act during crises.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. —Rahm Emanuel

And when it gets to be too much?

Certain decriminalization has led to less crime.  (Learn to repeal.)

Does it help one, having to go to dark alleys for drugs, prostitution, etc.?  Does it stop such acts from occurring by locking them up?

The answer to those is an astounding No.
It is in the nature of people to do things that you don’t like.  Simply locking people up, you are not even going to change the rates at which they try.

Only through proper education do people learn to control themselves.  That’s it.

But with a loss of ears…

The mixing of morality and law— especially evil— continues.
Nevada’s Harry Reid, continues the effort to criminalize brothels.

And Brazil legislators want to criminalize all abortion.
Evil: the original language would jail women for miscarriage.

You can’t sell hemp, the great, inexpensive material base that won’t get you high.  It’s been demonstrated that the U.S. government will arrest you, and if they have to, block off view of you doing something for you what interferes with the confused drug laws.

But wait, it gets worse, on keeping people out in the name of “safety.”  See John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything” for a more complete list of mundane things you can no longer do in this country.

  • You need a permit to sell lemonade from a lemonade stand in New York.
  • You need a million dollars in order to start a taxi business in most U.S. states.  (The license is, in part, in the form of that gold star emblem.)
  • You may need $20,000 to afford family health insurance with the Affordable Care Act, come 2014.

With more legislative effort, and less integrity, less liberty and justice for all…


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