Who the eff is running things?


Needlessly ‘overprotective,’ overreaching…
How do I say it?  Amy spoke of “good intentions,” not knowing that those “with good intentions” are the hyper-hawks, the likes of Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney went on Fox News Sunday and said Edward Snowden committed something worse than the terrorists’ ‘worst acts of terrorism.’  Out of all the things chewing away at the Fourth Amendment.

Let me say here, that while Snowden did, in fact break a few laws (duplication of Top Secret documents), he did not perform anything like act an of terrorism.

Like Geraldo Rivera drawing in the sand (if you can remember that, during the Iraq war), he did not disclose anything nearly specific enough in detail to harm or endanger anyone let alone national security.  But Snowden did harm the reputations of the overreaching officials in this industrial military complex.  It is with their giant, giant egos that they find that kind of harm the same as national harm.

It’s great that National Intelligence director James Clapper admitted earlier in the week gave the “least untruthful” answer possible to a question by Ron Wyden (R-OR), after (or still while) twisting the language, making sure the words not intentionally gave the impression that the whole thing isn’t out of control.

C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) said, at the semi-grilling, that the surveillance “has thwarted 10 possible terrorist attacks.”  Yet any disclosure of said possible attacks foiled… still for the most part redacted, laying it out on the line: you either trust us or you don’t.  (And those that don’t, particularly Ron Paul fans, may be labeled anti-government.)

While the rhetoric of attacking Wall Street has gone on for years— recently, the negative elements of Occupy Wall Street, all of the sudden a “nascent plot to bomb the New York Stock Exchange,” and the “FBI disrupted and arrested these individuals,” one in the U.S., one in Yemen.

Here, finally, an example of something… yet the target is trite… and foreign traffic doesn’t apply to the Fourth Amendment, but that doesn’t stop our government from spying domestically, recording everything they can, building (or completing) the largest data center in the state of Utah, up and running this fall.

Federal Bureau of Investigation director Robert Mueller defended the NSA/CIA programs in testimony to Congress on Thursday, deciding to use a hypothetical instead of concrete reason: “If we had had this program, that opportunity would have been there” during the run-up to 9/11, they might have uncovered the hijackers’ plot.

Mueller was unable to answer a number of simple questions, including who exactly is running what.  There are apparently too many bureaucrats in office to make real terrorism prevention work… even though the FBI wasn’t at all built to handle prevention in the first place.

…All the way to making credibility a thing of the past.

Susan Rice was named National Security Adviser.  Susan Rice, the one the administration sent out to sell the absolute absurdity all over television that the Benghazi attacks were the result of an F-grade video that criticizes Islam.

And now, Avril Haines, who has no intel experience and, instead, erotic book night experience, has been appointed the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s such a joke… but still an abusive, oppressive joke, as more “rogue” Internal Revenue Service agents went beyond their boundaries, this time illegally seizing a massive number medical records in Los Angeles, including people in Hollywood, when the seizure was supposed to be that of the financial records of just one person.

Hollywood!  Boy will that be a large lawsuit!

It’s such an information cartel that the siding news media continue to sit on truth the public needs, continues to sweep things under the carpet.  Worse, many outlets have turned on Edward Snowden, treating him as nothing more than a spy, guilty until innocent, “the left in agreement with the right” for the wrong reasons.


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