Actors All

I apologize for my poor editing, and so, so many words, one of the… many reasons why you see only a few people being nice and…little to no encouragement.

I ran out of time yesterday, up against the clock… the access, finishing on the spot— it was supposed to be a short amount of time, ninety minutes or less.

Hours later, “making good use of time,” including the Christian Science Monitor U.S. Citizen quiz, forgetting who Susan B. Anthony is —out of time!

For something serious, I was forced to attribute the ‘ramblings’ tag for the “work.”  It was another bad day.  The glutton I am, I ate another two apple bagels.

Okay, on to what I prepared… done in relatively short amount of time and cut up again… half of it postponed.

I may not be completely right, with my lack of education, skillz, but I’m not wrong.

It is time to put aside the childish differences, childish politics and stand for principle.

On what’s ahead, there are few things I know for certain.  I’ve heard that it will take five years for things to really turn around, but there are few things I know for certain during such a rapid motion.

But there is now, and my constant is strong.  I do know that individual liberty is the key to true freedom.  No one can shut me up on that base, that one fact that liberates all people, demonstrated in the rise of the United States.

With individual liberty at its core, against the ills of tyrants, slowly but surely the long fight lives on against slavery in all of its forms.

And now…

Headline: NSA head says spy programs thwarted terror attacks, gives zero specific examples.

Desperation comes of the powers for power with the speed at which is used to cover up the tracks, while at the same time making increasing use of the experimentation conducted over many years.

Be very aware of who you stand with.

Actors emulating “the bad guys.”
I spoke of “crooks of politicians” that are meant to look like good guys.
But I haven’t gone into the actors that have infiltrated groups for the purpose of misrepresentation.  To tarnish Constitutional groups, especially.  And sometimes they post the results on YouTube— ‘look at these people,’ making sure the distorted message comes across.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on.”
—Mark Twain

That can make the global media pretty dangerous when misused.  There is so much scrutiny in the effort of knowing what’s true.

The victors for power put asterisks on the truth, and humanity is lost.  Or so it goes when language is actually lost.

“There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.”
—Winston Churchill

Everything on television is a stage show now.  But I shouldn’t have to tell you to never blindly trust anyone, even me.

But behind closed doors, we have discussions amongst absolute crooks saviors in Washington, where the public must not know a thing until it’s too late, “for your protection.”  ‘That’s how things work.’

Oh, no you don’t.

Those against this trend include those rallying in Washington in a matter of hours.  Have you heard about that?  Probably not.

There is such silence from the media because you are supposed to believe that these people are “nothing but haters.”  Rubio, Boehner, Ayotte sell their souls, but the ones that have less and less control over them are “the bad guys.”

Come back next time, where I try to scratch the surface on the cartels in business with Washington, the nature of the corruption overall, and show you how the borders are being run by drug lordsI may just get murdered this time.  (Whoops.)  (Whoops #2: what I said was true, but I’m not naming names.)


2 thoughts on “Actors All

    1. I’ve touched on them over time, including ‘how the universe works’ and how individual liberty is true liberty.

      And by ‘touched on,’ I mean they’re far from complete online.


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