Drill, Baby Drill ! —Wait, No!

Four hours sleep, to move (my body) earlier.
Followed by: prematurely logged off the public machine, and…
Dental appointment.
Bits and blood guard— bluish paper. Oh, no, I kept thinking.
Sun glasses/goggles (to avoid eye damage with the bright light).
And then the numbing gell was applied.
Injection. Another injection—I told them I could still feel my teeth.
And they said the injection part was the hard part!
Insertion of cotton.
Drilling: two wisdom teeth, the, whfrrriiiiiiiiiirr.

I decided to close my eyes sometimes— the bits of teeth flying everywhere.
And the filling, the film, the insulation, the sealant, edging, in procedure…
Once all that was done, I was spitting a lot to get the crunch of the tooth bits out.
No root canal or sight of blood, but I had to go back for the other side.
Left tongue, cheek, lip—numb for four hours.
A job maybe incomplete, as I feel what may be decay pain…

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