Writing is %#*@ hard!

I guess ignorance can be attributed to my recent “bliss,” letting go of certain things.

Ignorance.  I didn’t know who Wittgenstein was, when Cristian Mihai (over 28,700 followers) brought him up regarding Franz Kafka.  So, in the process of responding, I performed my tens of minutes of research, and compiled a brief profile of Wittgenstein.

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein: born April 26, 1889, Vienna (Austria); changed citizenship and taught at Cambridge, 1939-47 (resigned); died April 29, 1951 (aged 62) of inoperable prostate cancer (metastasis, bone marrow) in Cambridge.

Wittgenstein was a philosopher involved in a long list of subjects, including semantic externalism, anti-skepticism and logical positivism/necessity.

Having both female and male lovers, Wittgenstein was apparently bisexual.

Ain’t Wikipedia great?

One of his big quotes: “A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes” (without being facetious).

Also, “The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

Hey, I already got that.  I’m intelligent enough to know reverse-psychology at age ten.  God, it’s no wonder I’m so alone, always being “the smartest person in the room.”  Even when I’m not.  Wait— what was I talking about?

Oh, yeah.  So I forgot to send.  And it’s too late to bother now.

Well, having so little experience on…anything, writing— even comment writing is difficult.  Pathetic, insincere, embarrassed almost all the time.

It’s damn difficult to write from scratch, in particular.  You can’t force it, and you need ideas, experience.  That can be pretty tough for anyone.

And for me, kind of phony.  Like I said in post #2, I’m not really a writer.  More an editor (grammar police), orator (dictator).  Or just an individual that reflects (bicycle reflector), naturally.  But maybe, just maybe I’ve solved that problem of being unable to requite (avenge) on time.

The solution?  Compile the late comments into posts!  Yay!  The date of the pingbacks may reveal my (inadvertent) lateness, but… there ya’ go.  Voilà.  Translated from the French, voilà, voir-là: “vouyer there.”

For now, I’ll just finish this post with words of advice on writing.

The Process

The general advice: learn the language, live and speak, check for errors.

The typical writing process for me, however, involves writing big blocks of text on many things— like a ramble, often incomprehensible, and then… breaking it up part-by-part.  One text file, four potential quasi-articles.  (And I stress potential; part of that letting go, in The Process: save your factoids for when someone asks a question.)

(Factoid: it turns out Albert Einstein was quite the Casanova.  Once the doors opened for him, fidelity went out the window.)

But you…are, of course, not me.

Just get it out of your system, write it, do it.  But, of course, don’t publish what doesn’t work.  Mihai knows pretty well that writing is really rewriting.

Basically, you make sure the content is closer to the intended message.  It has to be genuine, in its way.  If you’re a natural, that’s great, but no one’s 100%.

And there’s no avoiding rewriting.  It’s technically inevitable.  Speech is, in part, a logical process of the brain.  In the act of thinking alone, you’re refining, altering what you see, rewriting the history no matter how “unbiased” you are.

So, the simplest message here: live it, learn it, speak it, and make sure it’s genuine.


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