Another Brief in Media Headaches

El grito (the scream) by Mauricio García Vega

Yeah, before, at the core, I’ve said and explained, the why and the how, life isn’t cruel.  That you have, in reality, to get involved with something at some point in existence, for “bad” experiences to happen.  It makes up what we see as cause and effect.

And, dare I say, Buddha didn’t believe in Karma.  He believed in cause and effect.

Well, politics is one of those things you get sucked into.  You become partly responsible for how things “move”… and fail… on that larger scale.  There are many a crowd-pleaser.

“So long as you say the ‘right’ things, you can do whatever you want.”

That’s what they say.  And here’s an example of this fraud I’m talking about.  I am bound to offend someone here.  Like, many of the readers here.

Charlatans, political salesmen—actors with no balls.

Getting paid to tow a line.  Tim Russert warned NBC about promoting shows like Softball— er, Hardball.

It pains me to hear Chris Matthews go on about Rush Limbaugh’s radio exploits and prepared reactions to the politics contained in an Easter speech at the White House.

Actually, it pains me to hear either of the two “windbags,” blasting each other.

But seriously, the only thing an overpaid, old white guy that “celebrates diversity” by spitting on people—intentional or not—can do at the mic is sell redefined terms.  And Chris did it with ‘racism,’ as, ‘the belief that one race, whites, should rule all others.’

In other words, under the politically correct guise of sense, only white people are racist.

But it gets people off Chris Matthews’ back by making ‘racism’ so extreme that he’d never expect himself to stoop to such a definition.  (Although, you could apply the traditional definition, as Matthews deliberately lives in an all-white suburb…)

Listening to colleague Al Sharpton… (uhghgh, just the sound of ‘colleague Al Sharpton’ ) somehow means “you know black people.”  Yeahh… Matthews mispronounced ‘Limbaugh’ at least two ways but no one cares to correct him anymore.  On anything.

Limbaugh is also…yeahh…  Just the fact that Elton John is one of his friends should tell you that Limbaugh lives differently than he talks.  Seems he doesn’t walk the walk either.

As George Carlin once said, in his explanation as to why he did those 10-10-2-20 collect call commercials: “you figure it out.”

Well, “figure it out,” you have to, when listening to “popular” talk, as a lot of crap is mixed in with the facts.  While Rush, in my opinion, is more reliable than Chris—for better or worse, it’s too much damn work sifting through the text to know what’s actually true.

Journalism: lookin’ for truth…in all the wrong places.

Taking to the daunting task of listening to these loaded shows, it’s just so damn difficult when you want—and need—accuracy.   It’s painful.  And sometimes impossible.

So that’s why, after so long, I don’t bother to listen to either of these frickin’ guys.  That, and they’re hardly representative— making remote orders instead of physically *gasp* stepping foot into a supermarket for groceries.

Next time, on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Closed Off from Real Life…

I’ve also yet to get off my chest (and so I’m doing it now) how, a couple weeks ago, Sean Hannity was quick to reduce Brian Williams’ entire point made on NBC, in a reduced clip, to the same old Hannity take on “the NBC agenda.”  I don’t remember enough to go into this further, but it was just… wrong.

These are the reasons why the general public doesn’t trust “the media.”

I have way too much footage to prove my point.  But I’ll make enemies, only make enemies going after everyone I dislike.  So… end.

“All-in-all, nevertheless, I got involved, ’to a pointless mess.
I cannot purge the sleaze.
I cannot undo the damage caused by my own trying to justify the lies of politics.
Bad intentions go a long way…  And for mine, I will pay…dearly.

What not-so-great experiences do you have with media personalities?

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