What is Health?

Wow, that last reblog comment served poorly the way I left it.
Cut up, it was originally much, much longer.
Alas, I am a hypocrite, talking about health whilst being a “walking infection.”

Okay… the question posed…

What is health?

On the surface, it can be seen in how well the subject lives.  Wellness is like a synonym.
But on the level of specifics, you would get different answers from different people, based on what is taught more than from experience.  Because those different people have different lives, and their different wellness is…well, different.

Believe it or not, some get better (moderately) taking back eating red meat, drinking, smoking, etc.  Not always so automatic, the body needs reason and purpose to thrive, and tolerating the junk can be a reason.

Comedian Lewis Black would tell you what many know: everybody’s health is different.
(Or at least he did, in one of his stand-up specials.  He may be on board with Michelle Obama and Michael R. Bloomberg by now.)
You can’t put one person on the same diet as another’s and expect ’em to live longer.  Or on any diet— diets suck.

But seriously, most diets don’t work.
Why?  Because they don’t address the cause of the problem.  They just give routine.
Routine without justification: denial.

You can feel it, instinctively.

When we’re young, our bodies tolerate so much of what we do and the food we consume.
As we age, the reserves in compensating for all the junk can easily become depleted.  Even worse, without the exercise to excrete (yes, excrete) toxins in sweat, and force the body to regenerate (e.g., muscle micro-tears), we decay in our own filth.

The body is built to recycle everything, even bone and brain tissue.

A healthy routine, a healthy mind.  Things can become naturally reorganized and re-centered when you practice and exercise.  Meditation also helps for that “re-centering.”

Of course, there can be a visible amount pain when it comes to forcing the junk out.
That’s something to tolerate for the love of life.

Of all things moderation and purpose, it requires you to move.

Natural acceptance comes first.  You must accept yourself regardless of what the so-called experts say.  It’s sad if you can’t care for yourself enough to even walk a mile.  (Or the motion equivalent if paralyzed.)  Half an hour is all you need a day for exercise.

To hold yourself together in mind, you need purpose.
To strive, you need to thrive not just survive.
And to tell the difference between enjoyment and addiction.

So, overall, it’s a matter of care that makes healthy.
Instinctively, it’s known as love.
Love makes healthy, not shame nor stigma, not systemic routine, another damn ism.

So, what’s left for me to say?

Go love yourself!


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