Life is not cruel.

“In the midst of life, we are in death.”

We are such beings capable of recognizing our mortality.
And we have only so much time before we pass on, individually.
But life will always renew itself, up to the challenge.

Without the proper perspective, however, life can appear cruel.
The tragedies and the atrocities in life can get us down.
But life is not cruel.  It can be painful, and it can even seem impossible.
But not cruel, that I know.

We accept certain challenges of life early on, even prior to birth.
We are all here for our reasons, remembered or forgotten.
We all have terms on our mortality, our life.
Without agreement on those conditions we would not even be here.

We are all spiritual individuals in the practice of our own truth and suffrage.
The hardships of others’ are not yours, and yours not theirs.
Just as you do not have their responsibilities.
Just as you may not have the same rights, despite a “modern world.”

Just as you may not have the same love.
Real love, after all, is an instinct of care, not a matter of lust over an idea.
And as you may have experienced, all love comes with an eventual pain.
You will eventually be separated, and loved ones will die.

If we do get what we deserve in the end, then life can certainly not be cruel.
Just as there is so much damage you can do before the repercussions arrive.
And even then, how you are treated is, in part, on your terms of life.
(And some may be less specific than others.)

With mortality, death is as much a part of being human as life.
So I say to you: live, love and respect while you can.
And, again, don’t worry.  When all’s clear the light will always outshine the dark.

Post Scriptum: I got the top quote from Downton Abbey, Series 1.
Also, “accept certain challenges” and “get what (one) deserves,” are not, of course to be confused with “expressed permission.”  (No means no.)


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