Not to be.

What am I kidding?  I can’t be!  That absence hole is deep.
You aim to fill that horrendous hole, but instead you lose sleep.
More of that absence, a weather delay, and subsequent President’s Day…
“Better than I was before,” —no, you’ve really gone more astray.
Such absence, and still a dependent with damn unreliable phone…
“Hey, Dakota Fanning’s role in Now is Good didn’t die alone!”
Well, there is no truth beyond this point without some long, drawn out story.
I have tried.  I have spent several days on that.  It gets ugly fast.
“This is where ‘faith’ is crushed by the weight of lost time.”  Sounds happy, right?
If it wasn’t for quality control, my abbreviated life story would still be here.
(And it was here.  I wrote it.  And then I went to sleep after ten… a.m.)


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