To be.

Forced to learn, out of all my troubles,
I coin a phrase for myself and for you to see:

“To be status quo can get you far,
but to be true and genuine gets you where you need to be.”


5 thoughts on “To be.

  1. I am clearly status quo, do everything that everyone wants of me… never break social norms (sarcasm)… :/

    Even if being genuine didn’t get you where you “needed to be” why would anyone choose to be a part of the status quo? We only have one life after all.


    1. There is that part, however, of bringing out the truth within the status quo, and being true with it by bringing out a part of your own individuality that is genuine.

      The difficulty of this is the reason why it is said “Satan rules the world.”  Atrocities can blind people, flaws can be misunderstood, and people can be overworked. There is only so much one can do following their heart before their heart gives out.  (Hence, the “good die young.”)


      1. No, I went too far again.  What I said was inaccurate.  Life can appear cruel without the right perspective.

        And this reply was delayed by snow, feet not inches, here in Maine.


      2. The snow gets you every time.

        Yes life can appear to be cruel and to that I say… move. Nothing makes life better than leaving it all behind, true story.


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