You Wish!: Confidence in Motion


Some dream, some pray, and some wish.

Dreams, they say you should follow.  Prayers—they are formal, and are typically associated with religion in practice.  But wishes are raw, sometimes very emotional and demanding.  The commonality of the three: they are all in a matter power of belief and suggestion.  And with that they are doomed to fail without the right connections.

In the last post I went into some technical nature on the power of thought, without, of course making it a text book lesson.  This is an informal blog, and you really need to find more reliable sources if you want to know how the universe really works— say, sources like Stephen Hawking.  He makes connections all the time, living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) well beyond his life expectancy in prognosis.

I’ve heard of “wishes that have come true.”  I have heard of a story where, a man in his vehicle asks for a miracle.  Down the road, out of nowhere he sees a giant flower —something that would have taken years to plant and grow.  There’s no way to verify the claim, and there’s the possibility that the flower was there all along, so given how weak my memory of stories are, I may have to skip the stories and go for the “how-to” again…


True practice and perspective are what makes anything powerful.  With that power, one’s spiritual energy can be attached to certain figures.  (Some pray to religious figures.)

One’s confidence in the motion alters or strengthens the subconscious tie.  Movements are then made in agreement with the subconscious (as I attempted to explain in “Thoughts effect the reality more than you know.”).

Wishing Well at the Vale Grove, Barrmill, Scotland/North Ayrshire; WikiCommons Rosser1954

Requirements and Consequences

Besides the fact that whatever the “wish” is must be technically possible, one thing must happen for “wishes” to come true: you have to let them go.  They can do nothing remaining within.  Formal prayer tends to feature that necessary requirement; you speak and gesture in relation to the practice, and you move along.

But, you still have to know what you’re doing.  More people praying on the same thing will not necessarily help.  Practice and perceptions make connections unique; an individual’s power makes all the difference, whereas calculated motions in mass may require, as the ancient civilizations have practiced… let’s just say “dire efforts.”  In the extreme case, people are sacrificed, and said civilizations eventually collapse.

Be careful what you wish for anyway.  When your sight of things is all-intellectual, you can do a lot of unintended damage.  For one, it’s not difficult to see how two parties may not necessarily see eye to eye.  And you could attract something/one you don’t like at all.

Truth Always Wins Out

How subjective one’s truth is separates an individual or individual in a group adopting a certain perspective.  What is considered “right,” what is agreed with in mind is not truth.  The mind cannot contain the reality.  Only the heart can allow you to see for real.

You could damage your connections with lies, you could wish in secret or you could state your wants out loud, but the truth eventually comes out no matter what you do.  (And “spelling it out” can also be the way at which your suggestion becomes a reality!)  So you might as well just follow your heart and be honest in your ways.

When you have your heart in the right place, the false ends, the lies are evaporated.  The “path of least resistance” chaos (e.g., nuclear war) is stopped or severely reduced.  And because of that, there really isn’t any need to worry, period.  (Also, you shouldn’t worry or get angry because fear and anger are fuels for the negative energies out there…)


Well, that is my take.  Please feel free to disagree or give constructive criticism.

And I wish the artist in me could be unleashed so I could do a better job…


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