Thoughts effect the reality more than you know.

Cause and effect is not purely mechanical.
For everything organic there is spirit, and the world is organic.
There’s a personality dimension in it all.

The Rule of the Subconscious

The way thoughts change the reality is subtle enough to think that they don’t affect the immediate future, but they do.  Brain scan tests show that only a tiny region in the frontal lobe is used on “random” decision making.  With the animated fMRI technology, scientists can see which choice the subject is going to make well before acting on it.

Replacing Order: Universal “Recycling”

As there is a limited, constant amount of energy in the organic matrix we call a universe, each advancement requires a replacing order.  The destiny of one’s world, if you will, is ruled by the subconscious.  Part of what makes the uncertainty true, the act of measuring makes results on the tiniest of tiny in that… “recycling.”  The individual moves into his/her own dimensional version of things.  If you were to ever time-travel, you’d find that the universe doesn’t deal with time paradoxes… you instead can get lost.

So our subconscious alters things before we act, “makes way” so that we can move on our rules in cooperation with the world’s rules.  You’re only ever up against a wall in your efforts when it can’t work out both ways, when it can’t be managed, when the added move can’t conflate with a “creative zero-sum,” so to speak…

The Role of Quantum Entanglement

It’s said that opposites attract, and that’s true given the physical attraction between positive and negative charges.  But what about opposites that reflect?

The confirmed theory of quantum entanglement is a form of quantum superposition —that is, certain interaction between particles causes them to stick in all sorts of ways.  Considered “spooky” behavior, experiments conducted in the charging of one entangled particle set its twin to the opposing charge with no visible connection or time delay—as if there’s no gap between the two.

The ‘how’ of quantum mechanics: wave–particle duality


All electromagnetic energy is photonic.  And because of that, interference of a photon’s path in the case of return can affect the originating source.  Much like putting a fork into microwave oven, and turning it on, causes not only sparks but damage to the oven’s magnetron, to a particular and immeasurable degree your sight of an object alters that object.  (However, because of how dimensions come into play, such change is a matter of its role in your world, not necessarily the role of any others.)  Suffice to say, these discoveries in how the universe works will forever alter the way we look at things!

If I may use creative license here, all of this may back up the so-called “sixth sense” theories of thought alteration/suggestion, remote viewing, psychic abilities, etc., when you consider how evolution of nature adapts on whatever’s available.  Our brains are already built capable.  But regardless of how some are born with strong “paranormal” sensitivities, we just don’t go there.  It’s “taboo,” though a psychic mind is really a mind with a calibrated, connected imagination where the results are near-100% accurate.


Well, that’s my too-advanced-for-my-current-audience two cents.
“And now I’m two cents further into debt.”
(I’m probably wrong somewhere.)

Next: Your Wishes Can Come True! *

*Except mine.


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