Daily Post attempt: Ten Minute post

5:40 p.m.  Watch how raw this gets.
Never any ideas; I’ll use Matt from WordPress to start this off.

Copyright Matt from WordPress

On 28, going on 29.  Floors, that is.
And I’m 28, going on 29.  Years of age, that is.

Funny thing about age: you can never turn back the clock.
Okay, that isn’t funny.  Like 25toFly, or 28toDie.
Okay, that isn’t funny either.
That’s not funny.  Not funny.  And neither is “Many Floors”— I mean, an image of an elevator panel?  Really?

Okay, running out of time.  There’s got to be more than manually adding the img tag and style to center the image because the “media” feature didn’t work, and
[cut off]

The end.
[This shows you how much of a slow writer I am.  I was gonna fix stuff, but now I inadvertently called B. unfunny.  And it turns out the Media feature did work; I put in the link URL.  And a stale writer.  Twenty-eight @$%!ing minutes actually spent on this post if you count the giant correctional comment.  It’s also too @$%!ing cold to type at home.  I can withstand the cold but the LCD monitor can’t.]

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