Why do I hate this blog?

I’ll make a reply to Ms. Bumble in a whole post.  Unlike Becca (on CL’s turn for the better, writing about the worst), there is this person that is impulsive enough to step off the ledge.  Still not on FB, though.

This is another rare live post, and I’m immediately available for comment.  For a couple minutes. It’s also very useless, because I’m not really saying much useful. This is also what I get for forgetting to copy that Dating Sites… post… thing… draft.  This is like an e-mail … being sent to everyone.  People hate that.

Why does he hate this blog?
The same reason most people hate it: it’s not very good. Not very good at all. Turns out, Christie’s comment was a mistake.  With such low resolution numbers, anything could be SPAM.  342 blocked by Kismet.

Intentional or not, things around here get misunderstood in the blink of an eye, and people stop talking to you altogether, seeing your words as anger, agenda, just-plain-ego, etc.  And the only people left also misunderstand.  Following those implied rules at WordPress, I try to be nice by not pointing out the stupidity of some people.  And sometimes (sometimes) that can get bottled up.  So many words that get Bottled.  Except this BottledWorder Breaks not Bends, and can’t help it.

To hate your blog, your avatar (and Blavatar, btw, means Blog-avatar), and not garner— er, garnish… find a replacement.  A soft hell— still limbo no matter the “change.”  With a bad vocabulary.

As far as the programming goes…
People steer away from that too.  A “math genius” that can’t figure out $#!t for getting a 2.5-D game to render everything 3-D in several years.  Step-by-step, and, like this blog how he and it parallel… how a “failure of a person” is reflected in a failure of a blog (and that’s a worthy subject—an ugly blog, an ugly person).

Everything takes forevery-ever.  Because it is one person doing everything— someone turned down every time he asks for help.

And it is not like him to say “forevery-ever.”  But that’s not as bad as reaching for, “interesting stats.”  Sorry to make so many things at the expense of others, but… (and there’s the ‘but’ too).

There isn’t much wondering why this “adamjasonp,” whoever that is, fails to communicate almost all the time.  There isn’t much invested in his existence to talk about.  He is real, but not important.

(Live, the words still flow out in a way that’s not appealing.)

Sensitive, but… full of crap.
Despite the Non-Deletion policy, I should erect a poll on whether to delete this blog.  Yes?  No?  Do it in the form of a comment, ’cause I’m not signing up to put an actual poll thingamajig up.

Oh, the title, AND he wants comments— an agenda!

4 thoughts on “Why do I hate this blog?

  1. I’m speechless. How’s that for a comment? Ah, but will he respond? You are much too hard on yourself, Adam. Your blog is what you make of it, what you need from it. What do you want it to be?


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