Personal Responsibility

The transition into 2013 is going to be even rougher.  So this subject matter is important… however, in this age, deemed taboo…  It’s time I held to the name of this blog.  And maybe just this once—I fear my audience.  No tags.

But, as I got from The Words (Bradley Cooper, Peter Coyote), living with the choices you make in life is the hardest part.  (The Waiting… turns out it’s not the hardest part.)


Personal Responsibility: it’s not a mere value; it is a necessity.

For individuals to remain individuals with high potential, the responsibility has to come down to the individual.  It’s not about “being special,” as the Freshly Pressed Jan. 8th post suggests.  [That was actually about individualism, an ism.]  It’s about being yourself as yourself without running in to that oppressive wall, or feeding “the system,” especially when much of that system is composed of crooks and bureaucrats.

And it isn’t just about giving the wrong people power.  Without accepting the potential of the individual, the individual becomes one… of a lowest common denominator.  One out of 360 million, one out of 7.6 billion, etc.  An ant or worse.

Leaving responsibility up to reactionary laws and measures means: cough medicine is over the counter, requiring an ID, because some misuse the medicine to make meth.

You promote the problem when you demote the individual.  The ‘cooking’ of methamphetamines produces dangerous chemicals— some of them explosive (and some accidentally detonate)… but you’re not going to stop the misuse of things.  Abuse is the norm under abusive law.  (And dare I mention the fact that certain gun control laws were enacted on behalf of Jim Crow laws to keep guns out of the hands of non-whites.)  Marijuana is virtually non-addictive and difficult to abuse, but it’s classified as a type-one narcotic anyway—put in the same category as heroin become some manage to abuse it.  (Well, that and paying drug cartels that have taken over Mexico as result.)

When you grow a power, all of its irresponsibility (always exists, naturally) is going to grow with it.  The abuse of centralized authorities put in power will grow without a separation of powers—those internal arguments and delays exist to prevent the wrong kind of authority from growing.

Limited government requires personal responsibility, and bloated government calls for the kinds of compromise that, in reality, just give more power to politicians, and… well, nothing good can happen as a result.

You empower the worst of people when officers & bureaucrats (and both have the same ‘office’ root) are the law, where laws are not of the people, by the people, for the people.

And limited in number.  Limited government requires periods where laws that are known not to work are repealed.

The Police State

We get here when everything is made virtual.  We lose the sense of reality that actual protection does not come in the form of feelings.  Feeling safe does not make you safe.  The TSA irradiating you and “hand-raping” you does not stop terroristist attacks from happening.  Growing the police state does not stop violent nutjobs from being violent nutjobs.  Those that forego liberty for protection deserve neither.

California used to be “the breadbasket of the nation.”  Now, it’s arguably the dependent state, with its massive debt while still being the fifth-to-eighth largest economy in the world.  ‘Popular’ bureaucrats that can’t even grow that basil plant in-a-box have told the farmers what to think.  Just what hand is feeding you?  They have ruined California.

That “Eye of God” is also supposed to apply to the enforcers and their responsibilities; limited government requires accountability of the law, not just with it.

Videography helps more than you know.  It’s bad enough that some states restrict you from videotaping officers on public property or even from your own private property— to think that a rogue officer may take the video camera out of the supposed suspect’s hands and beat them within inches of life.

Now you have, in Texas, another ‘show us your papers’ law in this trend of legislative abuse: “permanent DWI.”

If signed into law, officers can pull over just about anyone without actual reason of suspicion.  And then, on one end, blood test or jail.  Yes, a blood draw in one form of this legislation—a needle stuck in your arm “just to make you feel safe.”

It’s not a matter of “driving dangerously,” but driving without government papers.

In New Hampshire, if you load up on $50 license suspension fines, they can put you in jail for a year—and they’ve done that to some.

Where do we go from here?

It’s just the way it is, children growing up into that box, going through these checkpoints—the inconveniences and invasiveness of the police state.

Wake up, drive (with checkpoints), work (a dead end job), go home, go to sleep.  It’s really slave labor when bloated government hands power over to the corporations, another place where personal liberty is… meh.

And all you have to do to get out of this hell is go through the pain of eliminating your debt, eliminating the laws and pollution that inhibit the ability to grow your own food (permaculture), and grow your family so it’s not just… you.  And make sure they’re safe by keeping the ideas behind the Bill of Rights alive— and not in the sense of “living document,” where actual freedom essentially becomes “a thing of the past,” along with the “timely” Second Amendment because… oh, it’s not about self-defense— no, it’s about militias, or “malicious militias— evily evil guns, with evily evil people with guns,” not communities that are trained to protect the rest of the populace that bitches and moans.  Oh, and you’ll prahbably be an outcast to some degree, losing friends over fear of the state, or as claiming honesty to self-preservation somehow makes you a liar…

(*gasping for breath*)

Sounds easy, right?  And that’s just a glimpse of where this country has gone with the subduction of personal responsibility.


Get educated, and take charge of your own life.


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