New Year of Time Forcibly Wasted

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And so, Le Clown indicts inducts The Middlest Sister into his Blog roll, as part of the end-of-2012 attention give-away (The Great XMAS Blogroll Induction Extravaganza), alongside David Dixon, Bill M., Denise, John, Tania, Brent W., Nicole, Adam S., Lyssa, Sonja B., Wendy Reid & Miss Four Eyes, and The Byronic Man.  (A ping-back isn’t generated w/o a specific page, right?  I’d hate to piss these guys off.  Or does it matter, given that they’ve all long-already chosen to ignore me?)

The Middlest Finger

And, unfortunately, Ms Bumble became Ms Middle Finger, nicely treating me as if I’m retar— I had already put the FF link up!  First line, with underline.

And why join or keep up with photos that don’t pique a person’s imagination?  Walking on sunshine egg shells with the Non-Self-Disclosure policy, myopia, by itself, means not only physical nearsightedness, but also an inability to see what’s out there, to see through on real solutions.  No offense, but help’s needed on things that are…real.

But that’s not the biggest problem.

Major Suckage

If you remember (or have read), Ms Bumble was only off, forced to use public access computers for a week or so.  Try since the late-1990s.  And remembering, way back when… dial-up undoubtedly sucks.

A lot has been thought up and written… and so much is no longer relevant.

It seems it begs clarification, after the Saga of Suck: there’s no internet access at home.  If it snows, and things close, there is not the ability to read, let alone write without the content becoming stale.  During Winter Hours alone, weekends are n/a as well.  Without donations, Near-Homeless-Man, here, will continue to have trouble setting priorities on who to respond to and when.

Even being present is not easy, having only 16%-26% of 90 mins. devoted to WordPress … if a public library is doable.  And by ‘doable,’ I mean the librarians don’t always wear pants, like Gina Gershon in Killer Joe, the feature based on the play, rated NC-17 by the ratings board at the MPAA—fuckers that break their own do not copy rule.  Meant to be surprising, most of Killer Joe is rather tame (but with language)—and out of the three people that died in the scope of the plot, only one of them was killed by Joe.  For crying out loud, the bush was fake, and the oral was performed on a KFC drumstick!

Help someone, get reblogged

And now/then, failing to get back on subject, Bottledworder, who took a hiatus… in December, wants/wanted a post on what made his/her (gender pronoun, please) blog great, plus suggestions and constructive criticism for a better blog in 2013.  As bad as I am, hopefully this mention won’t tarnish the brilliant Bottledworder’s reputation— he/she/it seems to read people’s minds!

But it is futile.
This post was originally written on the morning of the last Thursday of December, against a snow storm.  No access, no help, no voice, no expectations.  Good grief.

(GOOD GRIEF image)
© 2012 adamjasonp

Happy New Year! 🙂

8 thoughts on “New Year of Time Forcibly Wasted

      1. A ‘follow’— that ‘+’ on the top of the page, should result in e-mail subscription.  Unless you’ve disabled WordPress e-mail notices, or notices of that kind.


      2. You keep asking whether or not I’m OK.  The answer is always both yes and no.

        Check the subscription settings.  If it doesn’t even show in the list, then it may be a pay-for thing.  IDK.


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