Oh. – FF-2012-12-21

This useless Friday Fictioneers post is brought to you by…impulse.
But the image, © Scott L. Vannatter, was selected by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.
If 100 words is too short for you, then check out WeaklyShortStories (~5,000 words).

Disclaimer: none of these people had a thing to do with the text here.  Thank you.

Aren’t you glad you survived the mistranslated Mayan Doomsday for this?  No?

Oh, what’s this?

You have that odd gizmo in front of your face. You always seem to hold it up to one eye at an opportune moment.  Why does he—?
No food involved? Not much reason for me to wonder, then.

And thinking of food—when’s dinner?

Okay, now I’m curious—is it a toy?

He still has it over his left eye.  I’m going to have to leave the room if this starts getting weird. Weird or not, I’ll be expecting dinner very soon.

Your silly decorations are pretty distracting… but I’d get bored without a distraction here.


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