2012 Tracks

I’m… Dreaming… of-a White… Christmas

It’s that time of year, and there are plenty of tire tracks and footprints that noticeably stick out because of the snow.  At some point.  (It snowed practically only once—12.01.)
[…and then it dumped on 12.16.]

(The snow also makes dung less visible; keep that in mind, as stray animals can appear and drop anywhere.)

It’s a time to huddle, warm each other—cuddle, and reflect (or muddle)…
And also a time to list ranks, “Freshest Pressed of the Year”—all that stuff…

2012: there’s less clowning, and more human beings sharing their real-world share of problems, history, love interests, and well-written…clowning.  Clowning nevertheless.  The internet may be out of its infancy, but that isn’t to say everyone using it is heading toward maturity.  Some of the numbers I come across are baffling (the low ones too).

  • WP in general: snow effect (white div elements with absolute positioning CSS).
  • Pattrick Latter’s blog went from 8,073 (9.09 8:18 PM) to 24,864 (10.14 7:21 PM) followers in little over a month.  That’s over half the number at The Daily Post.
  • C.D. Mihai’s count is now about 23K.
    […and then he used the f-bomb, and (still) under 23,000 when he did.]
  • ThatDudeEddie: 15,898 followers (12.10 4:59 PM).  One “Blog Worth Mentioning.”  […and then the count dropped by some 200 just before I hit Publish.]
  • ClownOnFire.com GoDaddy domain: [beach image], “MY SITE”, and
    “This is my site description.”
  • The insightful heaven4earth.com: domain expired over a month ago.
  • Still no new posts at ChronicFaith.org after ‘making peace.’  Not a good sign.  …3 followers.
  • More abandonned blogs, including (apparently) Rants & Rambles & Rages.
  • Rich V.: “I know how to lure [women] in and close the door, but it’s never locked.  Jeez, that would be creepy.”  (It’s a lovely story.)

And nothing says ‘human being’ like Becca showing that dancer photo of herself.
She was stunningly hot in October.  I mean, I couldn’t even recognize the hair-around-the-neck trick for the first,…second or third time.  And now she’s…just a person.
From the pointe shoe being integral to her identity to becoming “an office drone,” knowing what it’s like to love and lose, You know not to abandon [love] or take it for granted.
A person with a hot brain[…and then she spelled ‘delusional’ with an ‘i.’  I get diluted.]

For a more advanced glimpse at the whole, you should check out the chain of Likes from the official WordPress sites.  That is how I found Creative Liar, in mid-October—before Ericka updated her Two-Feet-on-the-Floor gravatar.  […and apparently she’s more nuts than me, showing up as “Dad,” replying to herself.]

What does all this have in common?  It’s all whiteWhite people, white snow,  “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”  What a racist song.

(And yes, I know the song is just about snow.  Now the joke is killed early… before it can die quickly.  DIE QUICKLY—Alan Grayson.)

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