Climate Changing

Yes, the climate is changing.  But then again, it is always changing.  This is a part of life; nothing in life remains the same.  And just as life goes on, the complete extinction of life cannot happen.  And Al Gore is a politician.  There, I said it.

On the politicized front, it’s a complicated mess.  “Believers” and “Deniers” of Global Warming or Climate Change, or Climate Chaos, and none of these idiots are right.  U.N. climatologists are mainly political science majors, Rush Limbaugh is full of crap, and actual weather scientists are supposed to know what they’re talking about.

Facts are facts.  And here’s one fact that many people ought to know, but don’t: light causes evaporation—not heat.  Infrared light is felt as heat, and that’s where the misunderstanding tends to start.  This fact has been confirmed through actual tests, not hearsay.  But tell that to the political science majors, people that take advantage of others via carefully crafted lying politics.

Those greenhouse gasses…

Carbon dioxide: a gas that makes water acidic, CO2 is too thin to be scientifically considered a greenhouse gas on Earth; by itself, it does not promote any significant warming effects.  However, when the temperature rises, this gas is released from the oceans (and it takes a while).  Plants require this gas to live; but tell that to the EPA, who’ve pretty much declared it a pollutant.

Methane: released in… cow farts, this hydrogen-dependent compound is known to cause problems.  Also a gas released from certain waters, methane has been blamed for malfunctioning electronics to the point of plane crashes.  It’s some twenty times denser than carbon dioxide, and should be by-all-measure considered a greenhouse gas on this (currently) blue planet.

The leading greenhouse gas?  Water vapor.  Political climatologists have a hard time admitting to this fact.  No matter how clouds block light, the heat has to go somewhere.  A rather normalizing effect, what cools at one location, can heat somewhere else.  Rain falls when there isn’t enough light (including internal infrared) to evaporate it.

Earth Water Weather

Droughts occur when there’s consistently too much light.  O3 ozone helps block harmful sunlight; with depleted ozone all of this extra light nonetheless promotes droughts by keeping water evaporated.  With accumulated heat, water disperses outward; clouds go elsewhere.  With all-sun weather, it takes neighboring storm weather to break these droughts.  Deserts: where it doesn’t precipitate to any significant degree, hot or cold.

A bit strange to some, snow is the combination of water and dust in very particular conditions.  Symmetrical patterns form for snowflakes, reflecting the nature of H2O: how it clings (surface tension), and the angles the molecule maintains between its hydrogen and oxygen atoms.  I’d like to know what kind of snow HOH (super-hydrating water) would look like.  That is, if it’s capable of making snow.

There are plenty of different identifiable weather types, and it’s all very complex and difficult to predict.  Even with the studies and computers of today, there just isn’t enough data to for an accurate report on a given location.  Some of that error in reporting comes down to ratings: an inexperienced hot girl or an experienced meteorologist?

Man-altered Weather

And then there are those factors of how man has altered the weather.  Pollution has done quite the damage to Earth’s natural defenses.  Chlorofluorocarbons are one of many chemicals known to destroy ozone.  Some areas are so bad weather and pollution-wise you have O3 near the ground.  Visible pollution has gotten so bad on Earth that NOVA: Dimming the Sun exposed double-digit percentages of how much sunlight is blocked by the likes of soot making clouds reflective.

With a number of decades of newer pollutants, take those trails in the sky, as private companies suppress weather patterns as much as they can for certain events.  Oh— now I’m going to be called a ‘loon’ for pointing out what’s obvious if you didn’t dismiss what you see in the skyWho are you going to believe, a politician or your lying eyes?

Not to be confused with contrails, which have to do with condensation (water vapor in air condensing, much like your breath at low dew points), these chemical trails are metallic.  For a number of decades now, with the existence of private jet planes and people who like to play god, this gunk has been sprayed in the skies for a number of weather-related reasons.  Aluminum-based chem-trails make the clouds even more reflective.  (Warming and droughts, and ‘believers’ will call you a ‘loon’ for pointing it out.)

It’s no conspiracy; it’s a mess.  It falls onto rooftops and trees, and promotes metal poisoning (aluminum is toxic to the human body).  Tell the people who deal with this crap in their own backyard that it’s not real.

It’s a Scam

While some planets in our solar system have carbon-dioxide (and other gases) dense enough to promote warming, CO2 being insignificant as a greenhouse gas here means that all that “carbon” stuff is crap.  (And again, plants need it; we inhale O2, they absorb CO2.  One atom off, and they say it’s the end of the world.)  Carbon footprint, carbon taxes and credits, (Chicago) carbon stock exchange: SCAM.

Instead of actually doing something about actual pollution problems-turned-issues (there’s a big, giant cloud coming off of China), they bring us schemes.  You can’t get a science grant if you deny an oversimplified, overgeneralized ‘global’ non-science.  Some well-spoken climatologists ‘within the community’ have admitted to there being a wealth-redistribution scheme in all of it.

But how dare I say any of this.  How dare I say the United Nations is corrupt… with everybody paid off to the point of Iran leading on anti-terrorism.

(Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)
Iran: home of actual Holocaust deniers

The World Food Programme is just about the only thing that works there.  And then you have the U.N. soldier rapes…  Not good.

Now we have more scientific documentation cut up (and subject for more lawsuits for scientists to get their names off the results) to promote another Kyoto, because the last one, of course, did nothing to help “the climate.”  Replacing incandescents with mercury vapor-filled fluorescents would measure at best thousandths of a percent in curbing anything, as light bulbs are a small factor in electricity, compared to large appliances, such as refrigerators and A/Cs.

More incandescent ratings are subject to the Bush-era manufacturing ban, but General Electric has already moved their light bulb manufacturing to Mexico, knowing many a loophole (Jeffrey Immelt has visited the White House).  I don’t think the cost of buying a 100-Watt incandescent bulb in the U.S. will change much.  (I could be wrong.)

I like those Light Emitting Diode bulbs, but they’re still too damn expensive.
And they’re manufactured in countries producing giant pollution clouds…


I may get heat (or low pressure) for doing this, but I’m just too fact-oriented.  Someone has her “I forgot to be funny Saturdays,” and I have my “go $%@# yourself Tuesdays.”  I’m kidding.  Or am I?  I am more than a day late, though.  I can already feel the trans-fat headache, eating “Made with real fruit” Newtons.


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