Approaching Winter (dream)

encouragement or housefly,
a couple
had strange links between them.
they could seem inseparable,
yet they were separate;
it was distant,
the relationship, physically apart.
it would be that fly
on the wall to see
what connects
the neighborhood and sea,
with shores of ice,
the little private islands
known as driveways.
not completely peaceful,
just not violent today,
nor confrontational,
communicating like brothers.
but the links grew apart
in the heat of other things;
they drifted.
seemed the chain, with
the initial links the strongest
obviously held something
no longer.
because like the housefly,
it would last
no more than a week
in relationship time.
and now that fly would lose
its bond with the world
to catch glimpses
of messages and blurbs
in memory only.


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