Libra Time!


John Lennon up-ticked in his seventies this week (that’s if he was still alive), and the anniversaries of the James Bond franchise and the Cheers TV sitcom, both on September 30 turned fifty and thirty, respectively.  Going into detail of these items misses the point here, so I’ll abbreviate: Lennon had a non-relationship with his father, the gold-painted woman in one of the Bond flicks is still alive despite urban legend, and that I found Cheers to be particularly tedious—I mean, the same set for most of the show?  I only watched so much of it, on Hallmark, because the rest of the programming on television sucks, and I had to catch up on TV history.

What’s the common trait for all of these things that apply to this period?  They’re all Libras.  They were birthed during that thirty-day period that starts at around the twenty-third of the Gregorian calendar’s ninth month.  In other words, Sept. 23-Oct. 23, and adjusted a bit due to the changes in the Earth’s rotation, updates in the calendar, etc.  As far as the birthdays mentioned here go, one of those b’days, b’my mother, who turned the “Big 6-0.”

insulation cake?

(And being busy developing this ray-traced image is the reason why I wasn’t available on Saturday, also having to sleep the entire Sunday off…just to be screwed by Columbus Day, named after a guy that probably promoted the deaths of plenty of Libras…)

Now, I know what you’re thinking (probably not): that age makes me sound oldI’m probably lying about something.  Nope.  My stunted mentality makes sense if you’ve heard in recent news that the lateness in a father’s conception increases the chances of certain birth defects, such as autism.  Hi.  I’m Adam, and I’m a part-time workaholic that’s terrified of people, reduced to a part-time unpaid, unlicensed programmer that can’t sleep during normal hours, and worse.

Anyway, the Libras are said to…tend to be the ones that bring artistry, emotion and harmony into the world, or try to.  And confirmed by my own (insignificant) experience: the needy side of the Libra.  They’re always breaking things, or things are breaking around them, where, via the arts…or attorney, they piece it all back together.  “We rule, what can we say?” said one despotic ruler heartfelt Bumble who publicized turning forty-five on the fourth.  My aunt is also one.  So being a “Pissies” makes me the Black Sheep in the family.  Even so, it rubs off on me…still being a dependent to a Libra.

Recently, a horoscope that would apply to me—if I had a life—said that someone will need my help, while indicating a time of need for…the Libra.  In this case, that person in need would be my mother, who intentionally sleeps late (calls 11 p.m. “early”), has a broken wrist, a broken back, faces the illegal activities of others, and is co-dependent paranoi…..—I think I should wrap it up here.  She recently crossed paths with Ken Jennings (Jeopardy!) at USM, only two yards away, but he was busy.  She also gave me a “heartfelt” thank-you for fixing the awful Verizon wireless phone box.

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