Charity: solution

“The best things in life are free.”


Well, in the current status of the world, there are still those monetary systems that rule the world, and rule, subsequently, people.  Until something like the abolition of debt happens, charity is the ultimate tool, —er solution in dealing with other people’s financial woes…woes created by these systems since currencies came into existence out of market value instead of practical value, such as food commodities—also perverted by markets.  Why am I talking about this?  Someone other than me needs help.

Linked on Ray Ferrer’s blog, the Boys and Girl’s club KickStarter project is currently $980 short of the required amount for funding, and the crowd-funding project will expire tomorrow.  Stencil and spray paint art is not as easy as someone would think.  If you haven’t seen Ferrer’s blog, or haven’t seen the process in real time when artists perform, then you don’t know what I mean.  But this project has more to do with helping children than anything else.  Many people need a mentor or role model, especially in these dark times.

I couldn’t pledge or help promote it.  I couldn’t do much decent either way, and it appears no one visits this blog for the purpose of being informed since it appears no one reads the entirety of a post.  (I asked for Comments instead of Likes, and still got a big fat zero.)  For that, I’ve filtered the mail so Likes more or less go ignored.

Enough about me and this blog again.  See if you can make a pledge.


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