Love: spiritual bonding, affection and care.
The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.

Indifference is when one falls prey to the dishonesty of irrelevance regarding another person.  Beside it: bigotry, the manner of which people and things are generalized and distorted in those generalizations — the evasion of education that subverts the process of understanding to instead welcome stereotyping.

The binausic “reality” — the trappings of a mechanical, technologically-distant world, and the fear of tyrannical harm produce indifference.  Hatred comes in three degrees of separation: the lower vibration of self-preservation, fear; fear turned inward, anger; blame in anger, hatred.
The only positive reason I could think of as to why hatred would be popularly recognized as the opposite of love is in how hatred trumps indifference.  At least there’s acknowledgement; at least there is activity over idleness; at least there is heart for something, however misguided.
Oftentimes, anger needs to be vented.  And sometimes, in that necessary venting of anger, there is death to the individual (and to reincarnate — yes, I believe in reincarnation).  The extreme self-preservation of the soul in body produces bad fruit.

The heart is no lump; it’s not simply something of “circulate and pump.”

Beyond the physical muscle and blood that is the soul, the sum of the parts makes within the whole.  The construct of the heart ties the spiritual to the physical.  The heart allows one to experience God, while the brain fails in its logical design and often misuse of conceptual organization to comprehend that creation of all things.
When spirit is lost, the heart must open to find it, or else the body degrades.  The mind may control the body, but both are dependent on the heart.

From heaven4earth / I AM invariant (with grammatical corrections):

Close your eyes and center yourself; feel your heartbeat and know, the energy that is being generated by the beat is the source, it is the rain drop that gets the whole pond moving.
As long as you keep your heart strong you can master anything; but treasure it, for once you lose your heart everything will fail.

Be strong of heart and you can be a genius, you can be a leader, you can be a king, you can have a strong body, you can have a filled bank account, you can exercise and learn anything.

As I’m compelled to bail, the more I lose my heart, the more I fail.

Spite: the mishandling of failings, and the anger management problems that are promoted.  Regrets fused with an obsession, even toward addiction — “I thought I could control it,” and the self-destruction.

My own self-sabotage: I can read and reread all these quotations, and understand them, but with ultra-low self-confidence I sabotage their application, and the application of many other things.  Sometimes my aim is mysteriously subverted, hitting people instead of a bull’s-eye.
Ultra-low…like the fed’s ultra-low interest rates. They’re not tied, are they? 😉

Spats of mayhem: 3, 4 ****ing a.m.

You don’t often see original thoughts posted here often, as I know the results are often artificial, or otherwise edited four for many hours.  Or appear become egotistical — I can’t help the inclusion of myself in the post.
To maximize material I would need to be able to record all the subjects that come into my head better, and a better mind to process it all.  My brain falls victim like the other organs due to my failing heart.


Alas, I am frustrated again. And in editing, reaching and finding answers to the ‘fear’ subject matter, of course alone, risking connections of fear, the “bumps in the night” creep in.  A guy decided to rev and grind and burn rubber with his vehicle outside, in my brush with that world of tension.
The other thing about the time: sleep-deprivation.  It damages the heart muscle.  Oh, crap — another dé jà vû.  I’m sucking real bad, here.  This has also been edited, out of its original order.
Good night, morning or afternoon—whatever suits your time zone.


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