handcuffed to a stranger for the night

Tonight, You’re Mine (2011, Sigma Films).  Rated R for language, drug references and a band manager so drunk as to stumble around, unable to stand on his own.
Originally titled You Instead, the lyrics “I -Want -You Instead” survived.  It stars a dressed-up Luke Treadaway as Adam, and the hyperactive Natalia Tena, with hair dyed chromatic red, as Morella.  After Morella’s “girl band” at a music festival rock the vehicle of a two-member “boy band” during a live, acoustic recording within their car, a man who regularly handcuffs people to get them to make peace tries to get the conflicting bands to pray, hand-and-hand…and then cuffs Adam and Morella together.  The two performers are forced into finding common ground, and Adam nudges that into more.
Besides the film’s two physically inseparable characters, the band mates and crew add a little love-fest to the night.  Adam’s nerdy, bearded bandmate tries to have a little fun of his own, misreading messages at first: the girl he was playing with is a lesbian.  And, with the manager, he starts signing cleavage of the female fans: “I’ll sign this part backward so you can read it in the mirror.”  And then he has…another form of intercourse with one of them.
The film project was called “completely insane” by its creators in how unpredictable “eventual mudpits” can be, but especially due to the fact that the schedule was packed into 17-hour days.  Instead of three pages of script, three pages of schedule.  The crew and director were sharp enough to take advantage of natural settings and shots for intimate moments.  Along with various file footage of concerts, only certain shots for the on-stage scenes were fake, splicing stage footage with various crowd footage, and an Eminem performance for the wide crowd-shot, moving spotlights and all.
I found the “I Want You Instead” stage performance particularly cheesy, but other than that, this movie is a classic, and it deserves all the awards it gets for its difficult feat.  Grade: A-.


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