Ignorance in Überland

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The Three “wise” monkeys.

Yeah, I just thought I’d piss more people off.  No, that’s not it.

ignorance (n.): the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

Among the actions taken: issuing a filter, attaching a name to the information, finding ‘reason’ to insulate oneself from the information.  And that’s an important word in describing it: insulation.

factual (adj.): the quality of being actual, true.

The quality of information is crucial.  However, the stronger suite can overpower in the mind; often enough, it’s entertainment or sensationalism that wins out.  To judge in a so-called ‘popular’ manner, but have less understanding.

Ignorance and understanding are diametrically opposed to each other.  At least with facts, there is true common ground.  …And, well, the ignorant will end up disagreeing with facts.

In the so-called “smart” world, the teacher abuses the student.

A false sense of truth, and a propaganda source that the information isn’t coming from an honest surrogate.  Sometimes the insulation can be so great that already established facts can’t be used in ordinary places.  It becomes more and more difficult for the actual truth tellers to get a word in edge-wise, until the reporting as well as the discussions left over are empty or full of fluff.

White House calls the factual CBS News headline “controversial”; supporters ignore the story.


Sharyl Attkisson had to deal with her own network, delaying and cutting up stories of her reporting that they didn’t like, until she finally quit.

Free Speech = Democracy

It makes no sense to me that silence would ever change a person’s mind, especially change one’s mind instead of clarifying…  Being honest with yourself, you can’t just shut out others and believe you’re right.

When the message is a lie, when it’s not a reflection of Free speech, it’s not right.  You may already get the surface on that… but ignorance works its ways in so many ways.  Just because Attkisson spoke to Howard Kurtz on Fox News doesn’t mean that the information shouldn’t be trusted (because of the outlet, Fox News).

A fact depends on quality, not quantity or names.

Freedom Isn’t Free

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You can look to any generation, and yet, through times of separation, times of slavery, times of economic boom, times of recession, one thing is clear: you have to work in order to gain actual freedom.

It doesn’t matter how much wealth your parents leave you, you won’t actually own anything if you can’t gain responsibility through personal efforts, and you know it deep down.

To even say that fame and fortune is everything, though a mansion in itself can be a prison.

At the least, this point of personal responsibility to gain a standing validates meritocracy; you work for a living, you utilize your talents, and so you have the ability to move.

And that’s what defines freedom: the ability to move, not escape.  Up the ladder, trials and tribulations, just… not be stuck in one place.

But it takes a bit of courage, it takes standing up against denial of all forms, whether it be in the form of addiction or oppression, or even lies.

And of course, you can only do so much before stress outweighs the effort.  You can’t help people that don’t want help, you can’t win everyone.  (Or like me, anyone.)

But for yourself, at least, it takes getting rid of baggage, not taking it with you.  If there’s something to resolve, resolve it now, not later.

Having moved only when improved… it becomes clear that freedom isn’t free.  There’s a mindset to be had there.  To appreciate the freedom of yourself and of others, and eliminate corruption.

But I guess the keep government small aspect is where people lose it— going up against the oppression of unjust laws and authority in name.  Up against gross entitlements, you’ll get death threats.  But it is not timely how governments can oppress people.

So-called Progress

One step forward, ten steps back, call it “progress,” and have the nerve to say people like me are against actual progress.

It’s “progress” to have a unjust Justice Department, one that’s increasingly lawless.  And it’s on to voting rights for felons, not to help people who don’t deserve to be stuck with the ‘felon’ label, but… what else— for political power.

Lawless: looking the other way when it supposedly serves the power.

Fighting asylum for people who criticise the administration, while knowingly letting in shady people, knowingly allowing fraud, waste and abuse, trying to appease the criminal element, not actually deal with it.  Aliens can get in, and… letting ’em go.

How… “modern-day slavery,” doing as told, dependent, not living in chains, but… not really living.

Of course, what turns out to be loaded with fraud will have the ears of those in Washington who are also loaded with fraud!  Of lobbyists, and millions of dollars in annual salary.

I mean, for the purpose of— besides getting ever closer to getting votes— the appearance of compassion, taxpayers end up paying for the Boston Marathon bombers?  And other national security eye-openers?

And in dealing with the inevitable problems that ensue, assume jurisdiction to spy on citizens at will?  Talk about, upside-down on the meaning of responsibility, right?

Lie after lie, stonewall after stonewall, with fake investigations and lax enforcement, it’s gone completely one-way.  The U.S. government of today is easily more corrupt than under Richard Nixon; his administration didn’t streamline the political counters.

“We represent them as much as they represent us.”  And yet the wrong people get fired.  The fact that transparency is hard to come by, even stalling fellow members of the same party, unable to get even statewide numbers, freedom-of-information requests— anything… that makes it clear.

Nah— Blame, Go Insane… “Job-lock.”

And when the fabric of society is worn thin?  Blame hard work.  That’s what the smiling, cowardly crooks “warm and heartfelt politicians” are saying now in this new disturbing trend.

It’s hard working for a living, paying for food, paying for health care.  All of which have become more expensive because of the practices of the government!

Of the Fed, the bureaucracy, the laws— inflate the money so that the debt doesn’t look as bad as it is, and settle on taking care of those you can bribe… while everyone else suffers.

*Brand New* confusing laws, tied with other laws, and… with *Brand New* unconstitutional executive orders come *Brand New* confusion, confusing to even the professionals.  It already takes forever to understand what’s been here for some time.

Despite the hogwash and emptiness coming from the news media, the national economy is in bad shape.  And then to add this crap, and pile on more.  And then amount to discouraging full-time work in general?!

Doubling down on nonsensical policy decisions, the people elected by those who were duped, and then by dopes (I mean, smokin’) have just plain given up on the concept of an economy altogether!!

…Where’s your freedom now?

But I digress, given the fact that you, random reader, probably hate my guts already, and that, more than I would anyone who uses their brain to put two and two together, I would have more people calling me a “racist,” though I haven’t mentioned the President once.

“Socialism is a codeword for black.”  %&*@!  Of liars, of smug people that boast about their so-called education and so-called success, yet they willingly fail to understand socialism, and many other terms thrown at others…

It gets harder to do anything, say anything without their being some sort of “justified” harassment or political nightmare coming down the pike.  Over thirty executive orders for ACA, ‘justified.’

Yes, media, do what you God knows, never would have done under Bush, and go as far as to validate the claims of the kookiest of conservatives.

(Executive orders, however, don’t actually have the power to change laws.  …But people are acting like they do.)

Idiots in Washington say just about anything, senseless, childish and impractical the majority of the time, and yet “government knows best.”

It shows, the lesson has to be learned again: remotely helping or “saving” others— it doesn’t work.

Statism doesn’t work; you can’t help others by taking yourself out of responsibility.  It just makes you… irresponsible.  Eyes on the people… add creepy.

And George Orwell’s 1984 was supposed to be a satire!

Get involved, retrieve a burden.

I mean, what the average independent thinker has to go through— it goes beyond the saying that there is no such thing as a good deed that goes unpunished.  In order to make change, you have to sign up for something, to the amount of going through a cheese grater.

(Or put up with absolute silence.)

But then again, you take on responsibility because that’s life.  In a way, it’s always been this way.  …Except for how horrendously bad things have gotten overall when you actually look at it.

As horrendously bad as to say, Forget about time.  It’ll take decades to repair the damage, in our nation-in-name-only (NINO), given how our debt is owned by China, Japan and other countries across the globe.

But back to the point of why I wrote this.

For a free life, it takes not only education (foremost), but also individual liberty and support.  But of those last two, you need only look to history to see how governments tend to be incompatible with the former and selective on the latter.

And not to confuse individual liberty with individualism.  Don’t forget— it takes two, not one.  You are to be treated as an individual, but there’s no fruition with just one.

With life ahead, Freedom takes a bit of courage, it takes standing up against denial of all forms.  And… in these days, the denial… eh— wow, it’s an uphill battle.

Apathetic Culture?

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So it is claimed that a great many of Americans are apathetic, even ignorant.  I’ve stated that before (off the air, mostly), and now… uh, Bill O’Reilly is.

Now, it’s picking and choosing, to look at one segment, one poll, thinking the sampling makes some kind of accurate reflection of the whole.

While it is true that many in this country are apathetic, you can find many that aren’t.  You can find studies that suggest the exact opposite of other studies.  You can misread, and the subjects being polled can answer poorly.  Have you ever taken one of these polls that get splashed in the news?

There is no thorough testing, and education isn’t what it used to be.  It took Alfred Charles Kinsey to do a better job on a sex poll by making sure the participants weren’t lying, not to mention over 10,000 samples for better representation.

And surprise, surprise: it’s a CBS poll.  With less than 1,100 in sampling.  …What do you expect?

Breaking News: We Have… No Real News

Too much of the time, it’s a reflection of the mainstream media.  The media are apathetic, ultimately.  They get paid, and… they get paid.  …Mainstream only in the sense of availability…

Recently, they put all the focus on one missing plane, where just about all of the reporting was speculation.  An obsession, a ratings game.  It’s difficult to say that they had any respect for anything.  (Besides ‘a word from our sponsor.’)

What I’ve learned from the MH370 example, an utmost requirement in journalism that everyone, not just journalists, should have: respect for the truth.  I saw almost none of that.  They don’t care.  CBS doesn’t care much of what their audience thinks, and so they attracted apathetic people.

53% think the President shows quality of strength, in regards to the U.S.’s position around the world.  Despite being weak with Putin… Yep, that sounds right for a CBS poll.

But… my claim of apathy in the media— that’s just a theory. … A theory that makes a lot of sense.  A hell of a lot more sense than a plane gone missing because of a black hole.  I mean, seriously?  A black hole would affect the entire planet, to say the least!

(But I know, in dealing with any corrupted society, such as the closed-circle press, my first mistake is… using logic.)

Defining the terms

apathy (n.): lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.

But there’s always appeal!  It’s shown with that goddamned story where no one knows anything, and somehow all of the responsibility came down to the Malaysian government?  “I didn’t know the airlines industry in that country was nationalized.”  Nah, that was the blame, the ‘direction to point the finger’ for the moment.

So much appeal in entertainment, and an emotional investment in the latest, greatest (dumbest) thing.  That kind of thing is most certainly not the definition of apathy.  These are, again, habits of the media, with junkies listening intently.  Like a form of addiction, you may shut out the rest of the world.

Media-prescribed ignorance.  In a box.  A TV box, a tablet, a phone.  One word: manipulation.

It’s not accurate enough to say, take what you hear with a grain of salt.  It makes all the difference, what I had realized.  When it comes to all information, like a journalist you must have respect for the truth.  Knowing the reality takes more than enough information, and it requires taking the time to make sense of things without obsessing over it.

These days, though, at times inundated with information… being overwhelmed can also be confused with that word, apathy.  Being overwhelmed is always the thing to look for when people are less responsive.  Especially when the environment, artificial or not, says the wrong things, provides and covers the wrong things… speculates.

Bringing it home

The other thing— putting labels on people.  It’s not right to pass judgment on others.  Why?  There’s emphasis on the word ‘pass’ with that expression.  In other words, when you pass judgment… are you accurate?  Are you following something that may be instead a stereotype?  Passing judgment means making an assumption.  And that is not right.

For example, and forgive me for doing this: my mother has the nerve to again speak ill of my capacities regarding emotional intelligence.  The whole, I lack empathy routine.  This coming from a person who’s shown to not to be able to recognize my emotions, and instead respond to the grunts I make in amusement.  She fails to respond appropriately to my emotions.

And to follow up, I’m just telling you what the school told me.  Yeah, having it both ways, at one point blaming the school for all her problems, then using what they said, of my naïve former self, against me.

The more you hear, the less responsible she sounds.

…Oh, I get it.  I get why the label is on me.  Because of something else.  I don’t respond the same way.  I don’t do the popular thing, and react as if I’m watching a tearjerker, where, you know, a tear is jerked.  What a jerk!  And how shallow, that I should react as if the fictional character on the screen isn’t fictional!

And I’m still stuck living with this person, with no money, can’t do jack about jack on helping someone next door, let alone “starvin’ Marvin” in some other country.  (No offense; I usually don’t go for something “starvin’ Marvin,” but this is a blog.)  But it doesn’t matter that, under these worse-becoming-worse conditions that I haven’t become a criminal, and still have some kind of code of ethics and principles.  The facts don’t matter coming from me.

Aw, Damn it.  Damn it all to hell.

Let’s get this straight: a) if you can’t actually affect the problem, even by a little, especially by facial expressions (I try not to be superficial)… b) if you don’t agree on how to deal with the problem (I’m an independent thinker); and, c) — and this is the kicker — I have no business in their affairs!  (If, if, if.)  I know it doesn’t work saying it myself, but… I am not apathetic.

Just because I don’t believe what I read doesn’t mean I’m not informed.  (And always, with the USA Today, my mother.)

Just because I don’t go out of my way to act as if I care about anything and everything, like a hippie, or something… it doesn’t mean I don’t care.

And since when does my placing the relationship between actress Paltrow and the singer of Coldplay, that they broke up— how does placing that matter all that much, in terms of life in general?  …And then I heard that Vanity Fair may have affected their relationship.  The media, again.

I could go on, etc.… … …Or should I go further to show that I care?  Just how, tell me, how the hell can I win this argument!?  …Or can I?  Of course I can’t win!  As with the trash, and take too many politicians to spare (please, take them), it’s a one-way street where they can profess and advertise how much they care, and basically lie about people like me, no matter how poorly they treat others!

So I know, to some degree from experience, that being labeled… it’s unfair.  The people that issue labels are often hypocrites.  And sometimes, as with the mainstream media… they are the %*$!ing source of the problem.

Of Science, and Sh– that Sticks

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[Cosmos logo]

I’m sure I’d get more disagreement from the political class, defending at least one of the things I’m pointing out here.  The history of evolution, and the detractors/deniers— it’s never so simple, the contentions that go on in the “discussion” of major changes to science, and how Progressives aim to shame people by changing history.  It wasn’t much the denial of natural selection, something early and easily accepted, it was some of the things that Charles Darwin alleged; Darwin pushed the envelope, trying to define the history of the human race.

It’s easy to see how people would be justifiably angry with an academia that’s typically (or to the point of being stereotypically) snobbish, belittling the subjects of the moment, when it started ‘seeing what sticks’ on humanity.  The human condition, from a sociologist’s perspective, artificial to say the least.

But it doesn’t matter how wrong Darwin was on certain things, how oversimplified his model of the cell was, the many, many gaps that remained in his theories.  Political correctness is a conservative thing, mind you; the people with the power keeping power by maintaining the same way of doctrine in education, an evil that defines ‘what will get you ahead in life’… things that inhibit, one way or another (e.g., make you a robot).

Cosmos… and inaccuracies in the program.

Compared to “Nova,” the new “Cosmos” sucks. More

Movies… on TV… in Movies

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Add a new title to the Movie of the Weak list

Ice Soldiers (2013).

It’s flawed, by the end it squandered the limited budget it had.  The premise: genetic engineering at its finest, making a new breed of supersoldier… in the 1950s-60s, Cuban missile crisis— Russian “supermen.”  I mean, come on.  The technology was not there; it’s hard to say the technology is even here, today.  And these literally raping and pillaging supersoldiers are reduced to and called throughout the film as “white guys.”  That’s (kind of) what they do, comments Adam Beach.

Unlikely event upon likely, expected event, upon uncharacteristically unlikely event, Ice Soldiers is formulaic.  It got 4.1/10 on IMDb.  Well, at least it didn’t load itself horrible with action clichés like Soldiers of Fortune.

And for something better…

TCM guest host through Friday: Anthony Bourdain, picking movies that… feature food.

One of those picks: a movie that Roger Ebert once said, ‘if there is any movie without clichés, it would be My Dinner with Andre (1981).’  Two guys— one of them Wallace Shaun, meeting up at a table, eating and talking of broad subjects for two hours— sort of a real conversation on life.  (The film is actually 111 minutes long.)

One of the subjects discussed in this single-scene film still resonate today: people were zombies back then, too.  As if you have to take everybody to Mt. Everest just to get them to feel.  And how the ‘zombification’ comes to be: All this reporting of crime and chaos (and a list of examples); the exploitation and alteration of what’s important, giving the audience the impetus of control where they have none.

Unable to change anything in this distortion of responsibility, people become “passive and impotent.”  I know that from experience!  Likewise, it’s a “dream world,” where people appear to be speaking in code— reserving each other from the world.  The web, which turned 25 yesterday or so, has only brought us closer together… on superficial territory.

A Kingdom for a Slave

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On the road, and
at the middle;
he faces life,
its code, its riddle.

He sits to listen,
he stands for days;
he cries for meaning,
but seldom prays.

“Another end,
another fate;
and what, ensue,
before me should await?”

An end for an act;
an act for a will;
a will for a way, yet
still a child, he stays.

2013 and Recent Movies

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Here’s another short list.  Because I’m out of time.  I turned 30, and I am ashamed.
…And for the somewhat Jackie Robinson biopic, w. Harrison Ford, the N-words kind of obscure the picture enough that I don’t know what to take away from it, other than hatred and death threats… something I already got.

Oblivion (2013)

One of the best movies of 2013, in my opinion.  (Not as influential as Dallas Buyers Club, which I’d finally seen last night, but Oblivion made history too.)

Starring Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough (the chameleon), Olga Kurylenko, Melissa Leo…  Set in the future, “Jack Harper” (Cruise) is sent out to make repairs to unmanned drones, but finds some really bizarre activity along the way.  Aliens?

As the plot unfolds, things only get stranger.  Freeman with a cigar, testing Harper… the writers keep you guessing until it’s revealed exactly what’s going on.  Without spoiling it, I’ll just say it involves clones.

A lot of reinvention was made for the sci-fi genre, against the blackness since Alien, this film dares fill the brightness of the sky, night and day with projection.

And quite literally— projection.  Stanley Kubrick’s idea, around 2001: A Space Odyssey, the method of recording and projecting them— all these mountainous environments, onto a platform screen.  Reflections in the eyes, practical lighting— like magic.

This film is so visually stunning, so remarkable that it’s worth buying on Blu-Ray.
Yes, I said it: buy it.

The Frozen Ground (2013)

Scott Walker spent quite some time writing this, trying to find the right movie, but finally landed on a quasi-documentary.  Nic Cage as an Alaskan detective, and John Cusack as a serial killer, in a real-life story, where the names of the people involved are altered, respectfully.

Cusack was forced to play his role realistically, how real serial killers behave: like normal people during the ‘daytime.’  Not a monster, but a person with a double life.

But ultimately, the girl (Vanessa Hudgens) stole the show.  Originally titled, “17,” the drive was her story, the actual woman now living a normal life, this dark past, helping put the killer away, far in the past.

Austenland (2013)

Keri Russell and some other name stars bring a somewhat silly dream to life: Jane Austen’s time and characters, with reenactment and little-to-no tolerance with modern life, in “Austenland.”

A huge fan, of the books, the realization in media, buying a life-size cutout of the big actor of the time playing one of the biggest Austen charaters… our lead spends a small fortune to get into Austenland, albeit the ‘cheaper’ ticket.

She grows tired, of course.  But in the end, something nice works out.

Don Jon (2013)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s first time as writer/director/actor, this movie puts po rn addiction in the spotlight.  He’s unable to climax without visual stimulation.  Our lead character eventually falls, hard.  (No pun intended.)

The film also has an unexpected ending.  You’d think it’d be Scarlett, but no; she actually ends up being kind of the bad guy in this picture.  Manipulative and unforgiving, one slip up on delivering her demands = betrayal.  She has her own habit/addiction, to romance movies.

But in real life, Joseph is… mundane.  The movie turned out, in my opinion, a little corny.  It delivered the message, and it flashed its way of ‘true love,’ with faces almost merging together, Don and Esther (Julianne Moore) ‘becoming one.’  I’m sorry, but it sounds like starting and ending with fantasy.

Enough Said (2013)

James Gandolfini’s final film before his untimely death.  Julia L. Dreyfus plays a woman who accidentally has a relationship with both the guy and his ex-wife, not putting the puzzle together until late that she’s the ex’s massage therapist.

The film also co-stars Toni Collette, in her about-native Australian accent, as another masseuse in the biz.  Then there are the kids, some of the difficulties in life.

The movie kind of leaves you wanting more.

In A World… (2013)

Sort of a nod to the late Don LaFontaine, the voice artist who passed away some years ago, this fictional tale was crafted by Lake Bell, a.k.a., indecisive woman (Lucy) in No Strings Attached.

It’s… interesting.  It co-stars Fred Melamed, a.k.a., “Mr. creepy neighbor who’s porking your wife” from A Serious Man, for his deep voice.  It ends with Bell landing the job, and getting the guy.  Not to spoil it, I won’t say what job and what guy.

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